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Our Vision

Changing Lives

Our Mission

Facilitate growth for our clients, students and employees by helping them find their niche.

Our Values

As a values-based company, Stillwater Consulting is wholeheartedly focused on our vision of Changing Lives for our clients, students and employees. To us, these aren't just words in the employee handbook, we live and breathe them every day. Our values guide our decision making, shape our culture and are at the core of everything we do.

We Value

Expansion As a company, we focus on increasing our capacity because we realize this directly impacts our ability to deliver on our vision and mission. We are continuously learning and challenging ourselves while ensuring our growth is purposeful, manageable, and aligned with our vision.

Innovation We're empowered to follow our curiosity, challenge the status quo, and make the best possible decisions for our company and clients. Guided by our values and intuition, we become natural leaders.

At Work We

Raise the Bar 'Good enough' isn't in our vocabulary here. We do things (really) well or not at all. We're polished, we're professional, and we take pride in having, sharing and being the very best.

Achieve More Together We believe that changing lives only happens when we work together. We share successes and failures alike on the path to building something better.

Act With Purpose We value time, money and resources and treat them with care. We're fluid — never frivolous — and can pivot anytime because our systems are smooth and built with quality. We're deliberate in how we invest our resources, and work to act rather than react.

Follow Through We're in it for the long-haul, no matter what it takes. Our focus, grit and discipline enable us to deliver on our commitments, without compromising our values.

Our Personality

Honourable We do the right thing, even when it's hard. We genuinely care about the success of the clients and communities we work with and strive to effect positive change in the world. We work for profits, but never at the expense of our integrity.


Playful We balance professionalism with light-heartedness and know where to draw the line. We're a competitive bunch, but aren't afraid to show our silly side. We know that incorporating play into work strengthens relationships and makes the not-so-fun tasks more enjoyable.

Our History

From humble beginnings in 2012, Stillwater Consulting began as a sole proprietorship with a handful of prospective clients and a small team of passionate and driven staff. We immediately established a reputation for delivering consistent, quality work — even on the most ambitious projects — resulting in rapid growth and the incorporation of the company after only three months.

Today, Stillwater Consulting is best recognized for our work providing innovative and highly-effective skills training, particularly within the natural resources and business sectors. We've successfully partnered with companies, communities and post-secondary institutions across British Columbia to provide innovative business solutions and address skill gaps in local labour markets.

With a focus on experiential learning, all of our training programs focus on real world, hands-on skill development within a supportive community. We believe that our individualized, holistic approach enables students to develop practical skills, gain confidence, and make the connections they’ll need for the next step in their personal and professional lives.

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