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Skills Training

Our natural resources training programs are designed to provide students with practical learning experiences and valuable networking opportunities in a relatively short period of time. Ranging from 4 to 20 weeks, our programs have become the preferred industry training model across British Columbia.

Practical Skills and Connections

With a focus on experiential learning, our programs take place outside the traditional classroom setting, enabling participants to get outdoors and develop the practical skills employers are looking for. Many of our programs include a multi-week job placement so students can gain work experience and make the connections they’ll need for the next step in their careers.

Individualized Support

Our natural resources skills training is ideal for non-traditional learners who prefer to learn by doing. With so many potential career paths in the natural resource sector, our staff provides 1-on-1 support throughout our programs to help each student find their niche in the industry and thrive.

Expert Instructors

Our program instructors are knowledgeable professionals from the field. Backed by years of industry experience, they provide students with a safe training environment as well as valuable industry connections.

Valuable Certifications

Our goal is to ensure that new skills translate into long-term, rewarding employment opportunities for our graduates. Most of Stillwater’s programs include several essential resource-related certifications and a work experience placement to facilitate the transition into the industry.

Past Training Programs

Wildfire & Integrated Natural Resource Training

Covering 17 valuable industry certifications in just 20-weeks, participants will gain skills, support and hands-on experience to launch a fulfilling career in BC’s natural resource industry.

Wildland Firefighting & Silviculture Training

This 8-week, field-based forestry program offers a wide variety of skills, certifications and hands-on experience to immediately begin your career as a wildland firefighter.

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