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We help people find their niche.

At Stillwater Consulting, we facilitate growth for individuals, organizations and communities by helping them discover what they do best.

Our Impact

We bridge the gap between people and work by creating connections and providing innovative solutions to today's workforce challenges. The result? Inspired employees and thriving organizations. With a focus on experiential learning, all of our training programs focus on real world, hands-on skill development within a supportive community.

Years Serving Communities

Since 2012, Stillwater's been changing lives and transforming communities by challenging the ways we work, educate and do business. We're focused on connecting real world needs with practical solutions.

With our individualized, holistic training approach, we're supporting people to discover their niche, find meaning in their work, and implement lasting, positive change in their lives.
As a values-based business, we believe in people and giving back to the communities we serve. We've donated over a quarter million dollars to date and we're only just getting started.


Whether you're looking for a custom training program or consultation on a new business idea, we're ready to think outside the box to find the best possible solution for your needs. Our services include natural resources and business training, project management, marketing, communications and more.

Stillwater Consulting’s program was a great learning experience for me. Even after 25 years in the Forestry industry, I realized how narrow my scope and experience was. This program gave me a massive boost in my employability. Great people and an amazing experience.


Advanced Forestry Skills Training Graduate

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